• The Greatest Book Ever

The Greatest Book Ever

A floating zoo, a man swallowed by a fish, a sea split in two––these are just a few of the incredible stories from the greatest book ever: the Bible!

While the whole world fights for the attention of the next generation, there is one book that proves to be the best collection of stories of all time. In The Greatest Book Ever, author Teresa Krager aims to turn the attention of kids ages 4-8 to the Bible. It tells fascinating tales of miracles only God could perform and exciting stories of His courageous––and some not-so-courageous––followers.

God's Word holds some of the most captivating stories of all time, and The Greatest Book Ever refers to more than 40 of them––all in only 32 pages! The lyrical rhyme makes this book an easy, fun read for the whole family, and illustrations by Jesus Lopez beautifully tie each tale together as part of one big story: the story of Jesus.

"You’ll want to read more because you’ve only heard
A quick teasing of tidbits and truths from God’s Word.
The rest of each story, you’ll find in His book—
The greatest book ever. Go, take a look!"


  • isbn: 9781087769813
  • status: Not Yet Published
  • publish date: 09/05/2023
  • pages: 32
  • carton quantity: 36

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