• The Money Challenge for Teens

The Money Challenge for Teens

Prepare for College, Run from Debt, and Live Generously

Today’s teens are faced with more financial opportunities—and threats—than ever before, from summer jobs and scholarships to credit card applications and student loans. How are young people supposed to learn to avoid early pitfalls that could devastate their financial futures and instead take steps that can set them up for a future filled with security, contentment, and generosity? The Money Challenge for Teens can help.

Author Art Rainer introduces readers to some fictional young friends who are navigating financial waters and learning how God would want them to face college choices and car loans and thoughts about retirement (yes, even as a teenager!). While reading about the fictional friends’ steps and missteps, readers will learn simple, practical lessons and adopt real-life goals to start their journey to a healthy and godly financial future.


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