• The Plan, the Fall, and the Very Good News

The Plan, the Fall, and the Very Good News

A Bible Story Collection
Jimmy Scroggins, Zack Rickards

Reading the Bible and understanding the gospel can be as easy as counting to three!

Author and pastor Jimmy Scroggins developed the 3 Circles as a simple way for people of all ages to understand and share the gospel. With this unique Bible storybook, young readers can begin to recognize the distinct parts of the 3 Circles method—God’s Perfect Design, Brokenness, and Jesus—in every Bible story.

Filled with quirky sketches and illustrations, this collection of twenty stories—from Earth’s Creation to Paul’s Conversion—was carefully chosen to show the 3 Circles pattern throughout the big story of the Bible. No matter the testament, book, or chapter, Jesus is the answer to the world’s brokenness.

After reading through The 3 Circles Bible Story Collection (alone or with the family), readers will be able to apply the 3 Circles method confidently to other Bible stories. And, most importantly, they’ll also be able to share with others the simple and wonderful message of the gospel.

about the authors

Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins have been married for 26 years and have eight children: James (Reilly), Daniel (Mary-Madison), Jeremiah, Isaac, Stephen, Anna Kate, Mary Claire, and Caleb. They have served at Family Church since Jimmy became the lead pastor in July 2008. Under Jimmy’s leadership, Family Church has grown to a network of thirteen neighborhood churches in South Florida. The Scroggins family is passionate about Family Church’s mission to build families by helping them discover and pursue God’s design.

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  • publish date: 01/01/2024
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