• The Secret to Prayer

The Secret to Prayer

31 Days to a More Intimate Relationship with God

Everyone wants to know how to talk to God and get answers to their prayers. Yet most people are skeptical of prayer, or convinced they’re doing it wrong.

Is there a secret to talking with God?

God is more concerned about the condition of our hearts than the words we use. He cares more about the posture of our hearts than the posture of our bodies. And what is the right heart posture? Humility.

The Secret to Prayer will take readers on a 31-day journey, examining the heart and actions of biblical characters whose prayers were answered. On the other side of the journey, readers will have a more vibrant prayer life, and a more intimate relationship with the God to whom we pray.

about the author

Kyle DiRoberts (PhD) is Department Chair and Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Arizona Christian University in Glendale, Arizona, adjunct professor at Phoenix Seminary, and director of the minister in residence and internship programs at Scottsdale Bible Church. He is married to Lolly and the father of Kaden, Oliver, and Carson. With any free time, he hangs out with his wife and kids, his favorite people, going to Michael Bublé concerts, cooking, traveling, eating good food, and getting to coach his kids in golf and baseball.

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what are people saying

  • “I want to pray, but I don’t know how or what to say.” I’ve both said and heard this said about prayer countless times throughout the years. In The Secret to Prayer, Kyle DiRoberts addresses the qualms, hesitations, and misunderstandings Christians have regarding prayer with biblical truth. Through witty and concise writing, Kyle makes the theology of prayer accessible to everyday life while stirring a deep desire in the reader to pray with humility. I cannot recommend this book enough!

    Gretchen Saffles, author of The Well-Watered Woman: Rooted in Truth, Growing in Grace, Flourishing in Faith and founder of Well-Watered Women

  • Most of us struggle with prayer. I struggle with prayer. What’s the secret to overcoming our struggles and learning to love prayer? In The Secret to Prayer, Kyle DiRoberts reminds us that it’s simpler than we think. This practical, biblical, joyfully written book is a wonderful resource for anyone who struggles to pray. Read it over the course of a month. Read it with friends. Read it, and relax. Prayer shouldn’t be a burden, but a blessing. This book will show you that.

    Brett McCracken, senior editor, The Gospel Coalition and author of The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World and Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community

  • This book is a wise, practical, insightful, biblically-based, and often delightful discussion of many dimensions of prayer that will certainly be helpful to everyone who reads it. Wayne Grudem, distinguished research professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary Christians pray. That is not a controversial statement. But not all Christians practice prayer in the same way or understand it in the same manner. Kyle encourages people of faith to understand and practice prayer as an expression of love and humility in relationship with the sovereign of the universe. That God, who is fully and completely self-sufficient, would humble Himself to interact with His creatures is an amazing thought. And that thought really is what should drive our interaction with God in prayer. Using stories from his own life and others throughout history, Kyle draws the reader into the presence of God. This is an engaging book, written in a conversational style. The book models what it encourages the readers to adopt in their walk of faith and prayer.

    Glenn R. Kreider, editor in chief, Bibliotheca Sacra and professor of Theological Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

  • In The Secret to Prayer, Kyle DiRoberts offers keen insights into developing and truly enjoying prayer as a way of life. His reflections on God and our relationship to Him reveal prayer for what it is—a wonderful responsibility befitting a life changed by His grace. But make no mistake, this is not a detached academic manual about prayer but rather an invitation to chase after a life of prayer. With wit and relevance, DiRoberts helps us see anew how effective and essential this identity-shaping practice is at cultivating deeper fellowship with and affection for our triune God. Thankfully, some secrets are not meant to be kept.

    Mark Yarbrough, president, Dallas Theological Seminary

  • If prayer seems like a secret language you haven’t quite learned, then spend thirty-one days with Kyle DiRoberts as he decodes talking to God. Here is a kind and trustworthy teacher willing to open up his own prayer practices to show us why and how to take God up on His wild and wonderful invitation into conversation.

    Lisa-Jo Baker, bestselling author of Never Unfriended and cohost of Out of the Ordinary

  • We have no substitutes for prayer, and there are no shortcuts. But for those of us who would like them, Kyle DiRoberts has written a wise and practical guide to the relational core of this spiritual foundation. For the distracted, the discouraged, the confused, and all us other stumbling misfits of prayer, this is a book of joyful medicine.

    Paul J. Pastor, author of The Face of the Deep, The Listening Day, and Bower Lodge

  • Prayer—talking to and listening to God—is something that most people do, but also something most people have tons of anxiety about. This unease can plant seeds of confusion and doubt that grow into thorny weeds in your faith over time. With The Secret to Prayer, my friend Kyle welcomes you into an honest conversation where confusion is cleared up and important truths are shared. Incredibly approachable, this is an easy-to-read, quick-to-embrace book that you’ll read and re-read, highlight and underline.

    Jamie Rasmussen, senior pastor, Scottsdale Bible Church

  • The disciples once asked Jesus: “Teach us to pray.” In the heart of any follower of Jesus is a similar longing: we want to live in radical intimacy with our humble Teacher: knowing him, hearing his voice, living out his will for our lives. This book is a beautiful guide to a life of prayer. It masterfully unpacks what prayer looks like, and how to do it; but more importantly, it deepens your thirst for more of the presence of God.

    Dominic Done, founder of Pursuing Faith and author of When Faith Fails: Finding God in the Shadow of Doubt