• What Was I Thinking?

What Was I Thinking?

How to Make Better Decisions So You Can Live and Lead with Confidence

How do you know when the rewards outweigh the risks?

If you want to reach your full potential in life, you can't play it safe. If you're too risk averse, you'll be resigned to a life of mediocrity. But if you risk foolishly, you may destroy your life's work and legacy.

But we can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions we face, and the challenge of weighing the risks and rewards of each. In all this confusion, how can you be sure you won't end up asking yourself, what was I thinking?

In this new book, David Ashcraft, pastor of a large and influential church, and Rob Skacel, licensed psychologist and business leader, encourage readers to embrace risk and to live their lives to the fullest potential, in order to both run and finish the race with no regrets.


  • isbn: 9781087757704
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  • publish date: 04/19/2022
  • pages: 208
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