• Woven Bible Reading Journal

Woven Bible Reading Journal

Weaving the Story of Scripture Together


Whether you are journeying through the Bible alongside Angie Smith in her beloved book, Woven, or simply looking to process your Bible reading time on your own, this beautifully designed journal is just the companion for the journey.

Instead of diving deep into the weeds, this journal helps you process each major section of the Bible in broad brush strokes. As you read through a grouping of books (with Angie guiding you in Woven or by yourself), you will enjoy short introductions to each section from Angie herself as well as your own space to fill in:

  • big ideas you’ve noticed
  • Christ-connections you see
  • notes
  • prayers
  • favorite passages
  • key takeaways

Start your Bible reading journey today—or gift this to someone starting theirs!—and weave the story of Scripture together for yourself. Once you do, you'll never be able to unsee the Bible's beautiful, seamless storyline.

about the author

Angie Smith is married to Todd Smith, lead singer of the Dove Award winning group Selah. She is mom to Ellie, Abby, Kate, Audrey and Charlotte. Angie desires to walk with Jesus authentically through the inevitable joys and sorrows of this life in a way that reflects his faithfulness to never leave us and never forsake us, and to encourage other believers to do the same. This passion, along with a deep desire to understand and help others to understand the Bible, has fueled her writing since 2008. She is the bestselling author of the Bible study Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story, as well as two children’s books and several books for adults including Chasing God and What Women Fear. She holds a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology from Vanderbilt University. Angie and Todd live in Nashville with their girls, their dog Finley and their cat Oliver.

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