Recovered testimonial 2

Andy Whisenant | Aug 8th

“Recovered is a fascinating, page turning story of the path to—and freedom from—drug addiction. But there is so much more. It’s a book of hope and help, filled with practical insights in helping others follow Jesus Christ and grow in their knowledge of and obedience to Him—which is essential! Like Robby (whose teaching I have happily sat under), I have never gotten over the wonder of being saved. What you read will not only reignite your passion to introduce others to Jesus Christ and disciple them; it will show you how. This is a book I will heartily recommend to those whose loved ones are in the bondage of drug addiction and need to understand what’s going on with them and within them!”

Kay Arthur, Author, International Teacher, and Cofounder and Brand Ambassador of Precept Ministries: Engaging people in 185 countries in 83 languages in relationship with God through knowing His Word