Being is greater than doing.

We all come into the world with a certain emptiness in our lives—an emptiness that leads to a search for meaning. And the world tells us that search for meaning can be solved by doing. Unfortunately, an overemphasis on doing has led many people away from cultivating an interior life that allows them to sustain their exterior life.

This explains the many failures we continuously see in day-to-day life. When a person’s inner life—who he or she is—is not prepared, that person’s character does not have the maturity or the strength to sustain them in the long run.

In this book, Miguel Núñez points us to Scripture and experience to show us how being is more important than doing. He teaches us how to cultivate the foundations of our lives, so that we can be what we need to be, in order to do what we need to do.

quotable quotes

“The absence of a biblical mind makes spiritual discernment impossible, something which brings consequences to the individual and to the people of God in general.”

“We currently still find ourselves in the process of redemption, through which God seeks to restore all that was damaged by the fall. But in the meantime, it is necessary for us to comprehend how the fall affected humankind.”

“For many, Christianity is a uniform that they put on for church each Sunday, only not to wear it the rest of the week.”

“Our sanctification is setting ourselves apart from the world so that we can draw near to God: we set ourselves apart from the world; we set ourselves apart from sin, and we draw near to the holiness of God.”

“We cannot negotiate with sin; nor can we trivialize it or, much less, ignore it.”

“God’s number one desire for His children is that we would come to know Him even more. This is the best way to guarantee that Christ’s character is formed in us.”

“God’s ways are a representation of His will, and this is a reflection of His character. We cannot completely know His ways, but we can trust Him because He has revealed His character in His Word and specifically in the history that He has built between Himself and His people, something that is available to us.”

“A life well lived leaves a mark on others.”

“The leader, no matter his position of leadership, is just another sheep in God’s fold, but he is not simply a sheep. He is someone who goes ahead, guiding and protecting the sheep from falling before the temptations of the world.”

“Service is not simply a task, but a great privilege.”

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