Teacher Talk with Author Heidi Cooley: Choosing the Right Book

Mary Wiley

Jun 1st

As parents, we all know how important daily reading is for our child’s learning development. But do you ever find yourself lost as to how to help your kids practice their reading and writing skills? Author and public school teacher Heidi Cooley knows this tension and wants to not only help your kids with their reading skills, but also help them to know God more with her new Mighty Reader resources for both first and second grade, available now! Follow along during our Teacher Talk series for great tips from Heidi!

Hello Parents! My name is Heidi Cooley and I am currently a second grade teacher in the public school system. I have a Masters of Education and have taught elementary school for 13 years. I love teaching children how to read, and it is always my goal to help them grow a LOVE for reading. I created a workbook, The Mighty Reader, that will provide reading and skills practice based on favorite Bible stories. It provides a detailed plan so that you can partner with your children during their reading practice. Are you ready to help your child become a Mighty Reader? Let’s do this!

“How can I help my child to become a better reader?” “What can I do beyond listening to them read?” These are questions often asked by parents who have a first or second grader. Throughout the next few weeks I will provide you with some teacher tips that can develop your child into a Mighty Reader.

Book Choice:

  • Always choose the appropriate text that best fits your child. There can be a wide range of levels within one classroom. Start with your child’s current grade level and then adjust it up or down from there. The Mighty Reader workbook reading passages have been analyzed to provide your child with grade level reading opportunities.
  • Another way to tell if the book is “just right” for your child is to have them read a page aloud. If they get more than 4-5 words wrong on a page, the text is too difficult and can cause frustration.
  • If your child is adamant about reading a text that is too difficult, take time to read it aloud to them.  Hearing a model reader on a daily basis can lead up to MAJOR academic growth. However, be sure they are also reading a “just right” book too.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher and get an accurate Lexile level for your child. This should be available and can help better guide future book choices too.

The Mighty Reader workbook provides developmentally appropriate reading passages for your child. The “just right” book hunt has already been done for you! The workbook includes 13 different reading passages and will be a great resource to use with your child during the summer to avoid the summer reading slump.

I pray your child will grow into a more confident reader, while being blessed with God’s Word!


Heidi Cooley