Teacher Talk with Author Heidi Cooley: Reading 20 Minutes Daily

Mary Wiley

Jun 8th

As parents, we all know how important daily reading is for our child’s learning development. But do you ever find yourself lost as to how to help your kids practice their reading and writing skills? Author and public school teacher Heidi Cooley knows this tension and wants to not only help your kids with their reading skills, but also help them to know God more with her new Mighty Reader resources for both first and second grade, available now! Follow along during our Teacher Talk series for great tips from Heidi!

Hello parents! So what’s the BIG deal with the “suggested 20 minutes of daily reading” anyway? This week we are focusing on why daily reading is so important.  

This practice of daily reading helps your child in so many ways to become a stronger reader. It increases vocabulary, aids in the development of the brain, connects your child to new ideas, facilitates a family bonding time, and builds reading fluency. The advantages are endless. I encourage you to help your child form this daily habit early on. You won’t be disappointed!  

Reading 20 minutes daily:

Research shows that if your child reads for 20 minutes each day it will give them numerous advantages! See the statistics below for what you can expect if your child begins this practice in kindergarten and continues through the 6th grade.

  •     Your child will read/hear 1,800,000 words per year.
  •     Your child will have read 851 hours by the 6th grade.
  •     Your child will likely score better than 90% of his/her peers on standardized tests.
  •     In addition, reading aloud to your child for 20 minutes has been shown to put them one grade level ahead of children who do not receive daily reading.

The Mighty Reader Workbook was created to help your child get the 20 minutes of suggested daily reading. It can be challenging to make time for devotions and daily reading, so the Mighty Reader Workbook helps to combine those two things into one resource. The workbook includes 13 different reading passages and will be a great resource to use with your child during the next few months to avoid the summer slump!

I pray your child will grow into a more confident reader, while being blessed by God’s word!


Heidi Cooley

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