The Secret to Prayer testimonial 3


Jul 28th

This book is a wise, practical, insightful, biblically-based, and often delightful discussion of many dimensions of prayer that will certainly be helpful to everyone who reads it. Wayne Grudem, distinguished research professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary Christians pray. That is not a controversial statement. But not all Christians practice prayer in the same way or understand it in the same manner. Kyle encourages people of faith to understand and practice prayer as an expression of love and humility in relationship with the sovereign of the universe. That God, who is fully and completely self-sufficient, would humble Himself to interact with His creatures is an amazing thought. And that thought really is what should drive our interaction with God in prayer. Using stories from his own life and others throughout history, Kyle draws the reader into the presence of God. This is an engaging book, written in a conversational style. The book models what it encourages the readers to adopt in their walk of faith and prayer.

Glenn R. Kreider, editor in chief, Bibliotheca Sacra and professor of Theological Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary