Vulnerable testimonial 2

Andy Whisenant | Jan 9th

“C. S. Lewis once described Christianity as “a fighting religion.” Those who are serious about following Christ into the world will also be serious about fighting against what is wrong in the world, especially where injustice and abuse are the norm. As the father of two girls, I am especially appreciative of Raleigh’s efforts in Vulnerable, which is a sort of roadmap for fighting for the hearts of, and fighting against the oppression of, girls and women who are potential or real victims of the sex trade. Much of the content and stories in this book are unsettling… and purposefully so. For when our hearts are unsettled, we are moved to action. I pray that Vulnerable will impact you and your community in this way.”

Scott Sauls, senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee and author of Befriend and Irresistible Faith