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Do you ever feel like your spiritual life is incomplete? That makes sense, because we can tend to separate things God always meant to go together. We say we are a thinker or a feeler. A “be” person or a “do” person. A “truth” lover or a “Spirit” lover.

While separating these things seems normal to many Christians, doing so is actually as crazy as calling yourself an “inhaler” or an “exhaler”—after all, both are necessary to survive! If you’re feeling like you’re missing something on your spiritual journey, this segmented view of relating to God could be the problem. It might just be that in your efforts to choose the right side of or, you are forfeiting the life-changing power that comes with and.

In Whole, journey along with Kathryn Maack and Aaron Williams (founders of Dwell Ministries) as they explore the spiritual change that’s possible when you bring God not only the parts of yourself that feel natural to bring, but the held-back parts too. As you walk alongside them, you’ll learn how to reunite these areas of your Christian life:

• head + heart
• truth + spirit
• being + doing
• sinner + saint

God never meant for you to relate to Him with only part of yourself. He wants every part of you. So don’t hold back; bring the whole. And watch what happens!


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