Stay on the Same Page, By Reading the Same Pages

Church leaders are asking, “How do we keep our church on the same page while we can’t meet together?” At Lifeway, our mission is to try to help church leaders find solutions to real ministry problems. The inability to gather corporately is a major problem. So, during the COVID-19 crisis, we are devoting as much energy as possible to brainstorming helps for navigating this time effectively. We hope by offering our most affordable books designed for congregational reading, as well as discounting an assortment of ebooks, we can get resources into the right hands.

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Pandemic Prayer Guide

Read a book together as a church

Lifeway is offering the following books at discounted rates for your church to buy in bulk:

Stay on the same page with free additional resources

Many books include accompanying streaming messages and free resources by the authors. Maintain alignment by deploying resources that can travel where we can’t. Start downloading your free resources here.


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