• What authors do B&H publish?
    • B&H Publishing Group is always working with a broad range of new and veteran writers alike. Among our best-selling authors are Beth Moore (Audacious, Praying God’s Word), Stephen and Alex Kendrick (The Battle Plan for Prayer, The Love Dare), Thom S. Rainer (Scrappy Church, Becoming a Welcoming Church, Who Moved My Pulpit?, Autopsy of a Deceased Church, I Am A Church Member), Matt Chandler (Recovering Redemption), Vicki Courtney (5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter), Priscilla Shirer (Fervent, The Prince Warriors), Angie Smith (Chasing God), Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck (Designed to Lead), Dan Miller (48 Days to the Work You Love), and Henry Blackaby (Experiencing God).

  • Are you the same company as Broadman Press, or the A.J. Holman Bible company?
    • Yes. In 1993, the A.J. Holman Bible Company was acquired by Broadman Press to form Broadman & Holman Publishers. We benefit from the century-old strength of Broadman Press, combined with the quality of the Holman Bible name—a company whose roots go back to 1738.
  • Where can I find a Christian bookstore that stocks B&H products?
    • Find local independent Christian bookstores at Get it Local Today, or visit any title’s detail page here on BHPublishing.com for links to online retailers.
  • How do I submit a manuscript to B&H?
    • Thank you for your interest in publishing with B&H Publishing Group. Unfortunately, we only accept proposals from literary agents. A good list of Christian literary agents can be found online. Once you have a proposal and an agent, the agent then works with the publishers to find a good fit for your work. We appreciate your interest in B&H Publishing Group as a possible publishing partner. We wish you the best as you seek the appropriate publisher.
  • How do I obtain copyright information on B&H material?
    • If you will fill out this form, someone will get back to you soon.
  • Where can I find out-of-print B&H books and Bibles?
    • Beyond the basic Google search, we recommend checking out sites like Alibris, Amazon, and eBay for older copies of B&H books and Bibles.
  • Where can I get digital editions of B&H titles?
    • B&H has a growing digital publishing program and relationships with many distributors and retailers serving the digital retail and library markets. A growing number of B&H titles are available for a range of devices with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Christian Book Distributors, and others.

Holman Bibles

  • What translations are featured in your Bibles?
    • B&H currently publishes Bibles in the following translations:
 Christian Standard Bible (CSB),
 New International Version (NIV),
 King James Version (KJV),
 New King James Version (NKJV), and the Spanish language Reina-Valera Revision (RVR 1960), Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI),  Nueva Traducción Viviente (NTV) translations.
  • I would like to sample the Christian Standard Bible before I consider a purchase. Is it available online?
  • My Holman Bible is defective. I’ve taken good care of it. How can I get it repaired or replaced?
    • Holman leather Bibles are guaranteed to last a lifetime. If any Holman bonded or genuine leather Bible is defective or falls apart under normal usage, Holman will replace it with a comparable Bible free of charge. If you cannot return the Bible to the place of purchase, you may call us toll-free at 1.800.458.2772.
  • Should I consider changing my translation choice to the Christian Standard Bible (CSB)?
    • Great question! The Christian Standard Bible captures the Bible’s original meaning without compromising clarity. An optimal blend of accuracy and readability, this translation helps readers make a deeper connection with God’s Word and inspires lifelong discipleship. The CSB is for everyone—for readers young and old, new and seasoned. It’s a Bible pastors can preach from and a Bible you can share with your neighbor hearing God’s Word for the very first time. Learn much more about the CSB at CSBible.com.
  • What digital versions of the CSB are available?
  • Does B&H publish a CSB usage/rights policy?

Retailers and Ordering

  • I’m a retailer and would like to carry B&H products. How do I set up an account or ask a question about my account application?
  • I still have questions about the retail/trade side of your company. Where can I find more info?


  • I am in the media and would like to interview an author. What should I do?
    • Visit our media page for more information.

Licensing and Distribution

  • How can I find out more about international licensing rights?
  • How can I get assistance with my English international account?
  • I would like to receive authorization to use images and descriptions of B&H products so that I may offer them for sale in my online store.
    • Partner websites are welcome to download B&H’s product images and descriptions. Partner Websites are defined as those sites focused on selling, reviewing, or recommending B&H products. By displaying B&H products online, partner sites agree to display a link to an online point of purchase. If the partner site is not e-commerce enabled, then the partner site must link to bhpublishing.com.
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  • Does B&H publish a CSB usage/rights policy?
  • Does B&H offer promotional videos to your resellers?
  • I am a publisher and am interested in securing rights to publish a B&H resource in a language other than Spanish and English. What’s the process?