Trade & Ministry Accounts

Thank you for your interest in establishing an account with
B&H Publishing Group.


About our accounts

We serve trade accounts (for-profit bookstores with a business license) and ministry accounts (non-profit with a 501c3 document). Both of these client bases do receive discounts. Other entities such as churches, schools, libraries, etc. are served via other departments and do not receive discounts.

If you choose to complete the application, please email a copy of your resale certificate or state tax exemption form to [email protected]. Then we can set up an account for you and process an order. The tax exemption document address must match the ship-to address in order for taxes to be blocked.


Below is a link to our application form with space for both a bill-to address and the ship-to address if different. If a bookstore or ministry has more than one store or warehouse location, we can set up that additional ship-to location.

We do not offer drop-shipping, so orders can only ship to any of your ship-to locations on file. We cannot drop-ship orders to your clients. We do offer $5 rush option, if you should ever be in a hurry to meet a deadline. The deadline for rushes is 12:00 p.m. CST each day.


To begin the process of establishing an account with B&H Publishing Group, please fill out this form. All applications must be accompanied by a tax resale certificate or proof of non-profit status. NOTE: If you are applying for a line of credit, please submit this form first and then a link will be presented after submitting it.

For Accounting/Invoice Requests

Toll Free: 1-800-251-3225, OPTION #2
Fax: 615-251-5737
Cindy Messer: 615-251-3761
Sorgalin Acevedo: 615-251-2257


For Tax Exemption Questions

[email protected]
Fax: 615-251-3773