• Dr. Josh and Christi Straub


10 Days of the Easter Story

Experience the Easter story in a whole new way!

The happiness on Palm Sunday, the surprise at the Last Supper, the sadness at the cross, the joy at the tomb—the week of Jesus’ death and resurrection was filled with emotion. In 10 Days of the Easter Story, your family will journey through the key moments of Holy Week by encountering the emotions people felt during the week that changed the world.

Each day offers a retelling of the biblical story, a prayer, family-time questions, and an exploration of that day’s emotion. With ideas for activities and pages to record family responses, this book will become a keepsake to be used year after year. Gather your family to celebrate the full emotions and glory of Easter!


the authors

Josh and Christi Straub are speakers, authors, and marriage and leadership coaches. Together, they lead Famous at Home, an organization equipping families and leaders to be famous at home, so they can thrive on their stage.

Both fellows of the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling, together they host the weekly Famous at Home podcast, and write children’s books, including 10 Days of the Easter StoryWhat Am I Feeling?, What Do I Do with Worry?, and 25 Days of the Christmas Story. Josh and Christi love spending time on the lake with their three sweet kids, Landon, Kennedy, and Micah, and their feisty Goldendoodle, Copper. 

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