God’s faithfulness never ends! God was faithful to Adam and Eve when He promised someone would come to save His people, He was faithful to the early church when they were persecuted, and He has been faithful ever since. In this 52-week devotional, general editor, Adam Cox defines God’s faithfulness as being always good, never changing, and trustworthy in every situation.

With more than twenty different kids and family leaders from churches across the country, this multi-contributor devotional includes stories of God’s faithfulness from Scripture, stories of His faithfulness from the writers’ childhood, prayer prompts, and reflection questions each week. Kids will learn that the same God who was faithful to the characters they know from the Bible is the God who is faithful to them today.


“The book of Joshua calls God’s people to gather ‘stones of remembrance’ after their crossing of the Jordan River. Indeed, every faithful Christian should regularly recount the instances of the Lord’s faithfulness in their lives as a means to spur them on in ever-deepening trust in His future provision. It is critical that we pass on this important part of our faith to our children and grandchildren. That is why I am so glad that Prestonwood’s own Adam Cox has taken the time to produce this helpful guide for children on the topic of God’s faithfulness. Ministry leaders and families alike will find this resource to be a joyous tool in helping children learn to gather their own “stones of remembrance” and learn to celebrate God’s faithfulness for a lifetime!”

Jack Graham
Senior Pastor
Prestonwood Baptist Church


“This devotional book is an incredible resource for children and families. In a world where so many things are changing so often, it is a Christian imperative for our children to learn that God is always faithful – He doesn’t change. Adam Cox, and this great team of Children’s Ministry leaders, have created a fun and engaging resource, rooted perfectly in the Bible, to help children learn, and be reminded, that God is always faithful, can always be trusted, and that his love for each one of us is perfect. I highly recommend Never Ending as a great resource for families, churches, or any children’s ministry that desires their students to learn such a great truth about God’s unfailing love for his children.”

Connor Bales
Pastor | North Campus
Prestonwood Baptist Church


“As grandparents, my wife Angie and I are always searching for children’s devotional books to read to our 4 grandsons. Never Ending is outstanding! Pastor Adam and his team have created a resource that can be used to help any child navigate his or her present-day experiences from a Biblical perspective. You will not be disappointed! I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

Dr. Archie Mason
Senior Pastor
Central Baptist Church Jonesboro AR


“As a mother to four daughters and someone who has devoted my life to discipleship within the Church, I am excited to see the Never Ending devotional release. Equipping children to know God and keep a rhythm of devotion is one of the most important investments we can make in the next generation. Never Ending threads together, the eternality of God alongside accurate, age-appropriate explanations of His attributes.

Whether used around the family dinner table, at bedtime or, like my daughter, on the commute to school each morning, Never Ending will challenge kids to think about who God is, how He loves them, and what that means in their everyday lives.

I highly recommend this for parents and grandparents seeking intentional, spiritual development for their children.”

Tasha Calvert
Digging In with Tash Calvert Podcast


“Never Ending is a collection of timely devotionals for children reminding them that God’s faithfulness doesn’t just matter for grown-ups; children especially can trust Him even with their smallest concerns.  Through 52 once-a-week discussions, Adam Cox and his children’s ministry colleagues introduce kids to a truth that will impact them for the rest of their lives:  our good God can always be trusted.  These devotions are not just words on paper for Adam.  He has lived out the truths explored in these inspirational pages both in his ministry and family.”

Dr. Darren Gaddis
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Ocala, FL