Playing for More

by Andrew Perloff, Case Keenum

Playing for More, eBook

by Andrew Perloff, Case Keenum

In Playing for More, star NFL quarterback Case Keenum shares about football journey and explains how being a Christian helped him navigate the winding path to success.


Case Keenum has traveled one of the most unique paths in the NFL. Recruited by just one college, undrafted, and released three times, Case has overcome every obstacle to become a successful starting quarterback. In 2017, Keenum captured America’s imagination by leading the Minnesota Vikings to a 13-3 record and an NFC North title. His game-winning touchdown in the final seconds of their divisional playoff game against the Saints, the "Minneapolis Miracle," made Case part of NFL history.

Keenum shares stories from every stage of his life, starting out as a ball boy for his father’s college team in West Texas, going on to win a state title in high school, and rewriting the NCAA record book at the University of Houston. A devastating knee injury almost derailed his football career, but helped him get closer to the woman who would soon become his wife.

Throughout his story, Case will explain how being a Christian helped him navigate the winding path to success. No matter what obstacle has been placed in front of him, Case believes God has a plan for him. That’s why he plays football and that’s why he’s writing this book: To glorify God and to help others who face adversity in their everyday life.

“Am I a football player who happens to be a Christian?” Case writes, "No, I’m a Christian who happens to be a football player. That’s my calling. That’s my defining characteristic. Once I realized that, everything else fell into place. I became a better football player and, more importantly, a better person.”

Table of Contents

Introduction – The Minnesota Miracle

01 – Deep in the Heart – Growing up in a town that could double for Dillon, TX in the TV show Friday Night Lights, Case comes of age on the football field.

02 – Third Ward Coogs – Football becomes tough at the University of Houston and Case makes a decision to put Christ before everything else.

03 – Dealing with the Pain – The low point of Case’s football career is transformed into one of the great moments in his life.

04 – The Show – Case rewrites the record books at Houston and becomes a national star.

05 – Making it in the NFL – Despite not being drafted, Case keeps working to earn a spot on the Houston Texans roster.

06 – Learning to Lose – Case gets his big break . . . and finds out how exhilarating and challenging pro football can be.

07 – Reading the Signs – From Houston to St. Louis, back to Houston and back to St. Louis, Case goes on a wild ride.

08 – Hollywood – Case heads West to a new home, and his wife Kimberly becomes a TV star.

09 – SKOL – Destiny provides the perfect opportunity for Case to thrive in a new environment.

10 – After the Miracle – One throw changes everything for Case and his family.

11 – Franchise Quarterback – Case breaks down a frantic night in free agency that includes shooting a free throw in front of thousands of Houston Rockets fans while his
phone was blowing up.

12 – Why I Play – Case explains how putting God first has been the key to his career and his life.


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