You Are Gifted

You Are Gifted, eBook

From discovery and development to understanding their greatest Kingdom context, Ken Hemphill takes a fresh look at spiritual gifts, supporting his teaching with key New Testament passages.


A book about spiritual gifts is sure to address well-known gift passages and guide readers toward a greater understanding of how to find and use what God has assigned to them. Those areas are clearly discussed and then taken into an even greater context with You Are Gifted by respected church voice Ken Hemphill.

“The central thrust of Scripture is that spiritual gifts are graciously given by God to enable believers to participate fully in the edification of the church and the advance of the Kingdom,” he writes. To that end, Hemphill reminds readers of their capability and worthiness to join in God’s work, looking at the development of the New Testament church and passages like 1 Thessalonians 5 for examples of how we must use our unique gifts to reach all nations. Study questions for each chapter are also included.

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