• Find More Money

Find More Money

Increase Your Income to Tackle Debt, Save Wisely, and Live Generously

What do you do when cutting your budget no longer cuts it?

From pastors in the pulpit to people in the pews, many people have cut and cut, but still find themselves struggling to pay the bills. Their full-time job is giving them barely enough to get by; how could they even begin to think about eliminating debt, saving, and living generously?

Financial expert and author Art Rainer (The Money Challenge; The Marriage Challenge) helps answer these questions in Find More Money by pointing readers to the reality of the gig economy. When a full-time job doesn’t provide what you need, finding a “gig” may be the answer to your problems.

Find More Money is not just about financial stewardship, but about stewarding your talents, time, and abilities—not so you can get rich, but so you can live generously on mission for the kingdom.


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what are people saying

  • Every once in a while, a game-changing conversation comes along. I believe this is one of them. In Find More Money, Art Rainer gives leaders who feel stuck financially some brilliant strategies that I think can change the future, not just the future of families, but the future of the kingdom. You can only cut so much. If you’re ready to start adding or multiplying, this book is for you.

    Carey Nieuwhof, author and founding pastor of Connexus Church

  • One of the harder things of pastoring was knowing how many of our church attendees that struggled financially. Regardless of why—whether it was their fault or not—they simply were not able to find a way forward financially. Sadly, it impacted everything and everyone around them, including their desire and ability to support the mission efforts about which they were passionate. If that’s your story, or you know someone who has that story, this book is for you! With Find More Money, Art provides another practical, easy-to-understand, yet entertaining financial book. You will actually enjoy learning how to increase your income and obtain financial health for the sake of advancing God’s kingdom.

    Ron Edmondson, CEO, Leadership Network, author of The Mythical Leader

  • Art Ranier’s new book, Find More Money, will help you to establish the right goals, provide insights on how to accomplish the right goals and the motivation to complete them. Buy it, read it and put it into practice!

    Chuck Bentley, CEO,, author of Money Problems, Marriage Solutions

  • Without question, Art has a passion for seeing people obtain financial health for the sake of advancing God’s kingdom. In Find More Money, Art focuses on the “other side” of the financial equation—the income side. Like his other books, Find More Money can be enjoyed and understood by all. If cutting your budget no longer cuts it for you, this is your book.

    Rob West, president, Kingdom Advisors

  • Sharing Art’s passion for helping believers with money, I am thrilled that he wrote Find More Money. The wide array of ways to increase our income is unlike any other time in history, and Art does a masterful job practically guiding us on how to do just that. I have no doubt that God’s kingdom is going to be greatly advanced by the message of this book!

    Bob Lotich, founder of