• Forward, eBook

Forward, eBook

7 Distinguishing Marks for Future Leaders
Ronnie Floyd

Forward leaders are missing in action.

Where are they today? Leaders in the future must rise and lead people forward. They have to lead so high above the fray they will not stoop to littleness in their thinking and conduct. They have to lead so big, they will not settle for just leading a few. They have to lead so deep; they will not be tossed and turned as they ride the tumultuous waters of leadership. Author Ronnie Floyd is calling for a different kind of leader to rise up for the future.

Forward is about seven distinguishing marks for future leaders. Who are these future leaders? Anyone who leads anything in the future.

Forward is a call. Forward is a process. Forward is a direction. Forward is a change.

about the author

Ronnie Floyd is senior pastor of a two-campus church–First Baptist Church of Springdale and The Church at Pinnacle Hills, Arkansas–reaching thousands of people each week. He also hosts The Summit, a weekly gathering for hundreds of business leaders, and is the host of Ronnie Floyd, a program seen worldwide on the Daystar Television Network. Ronnie and his wife, Jeana, have two sons and three grandchildren.

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