• Prayers for the Faithful

Prayers for the Faithful

Fervent Daily Prayer and Meditations for Christians Serving Around the World
Beth Moore, Mary Ann Bridgwater

A few words from Beth Moore: “About ten years ago God began leading me to take a far more active role in missions . . . primarily through daily intercession. I recall wondering, How does a person approach praying for the entire world? God graciously placed tools in my hands along the way, but I can assure you I’ve never seen one quite like [Prayers for the Faithful]. Mary Ann Bridgwater has done her homework. This guide is packed full of Scripture. All we need to do is add some faith, open our mouths and pray them! The testimonies she has included will cause our fellow servants on the field to become more than names to you. Their stories and requests will steal your heart and hopefully some of your prayer time . . . Thank you, Mary Ann, for providing us with the very words of God to pray over His servants. Heaven alone will bear witness of its profound harvest.” If you’ve been wanting to get more involved in the work being done by missionaries around the world, Prayers for the Faithful is the answer for you—a complete guide to devoting daily, deliberate prayer into everything that matters most to missionaries: their ministries, their families, their motivations and desires, even their parents and relatives back home.

It’s an opportunity to make your prayers match the heartbeat of God, while helping to accomplish His work in hearts a world away. Whether individually, in small groups, or as an entire churchwide emphasis, let this inspired plan of intercession lead you where you’ve always wanted your prayer life to go—somewhere far beyond you!

about the authors

Beth Moore is a writer and teacher of best­selling books and Bible studies whose public speaking engagements carry her all over the United States. A dedicated wife and mother of two adult daughters, Moore lives in Houston, Texas, where she is president and founder of Living Proof Ministries.

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Mary Ann Bridgwater is the author of Prayers for the Faithful and founder and president of Pray the Word Ministries, a cross-denominational outreach designed to encourage “fervent, focused” prayer among churches and individuals. Her involvement with missions work stretches back more than twenty years, having served in various capacities at Houston’s First Baptist Church, playing integral roles in mobilizing and interceding for missionaries and their families.As passionate followers of Christ with a heart for God and a sincere love for His people, Mary Ann and her husband, Roger, continue to make their home in Houston, Texas, and have two grown daughters.

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