In all the busy and bustle and noise of life, do you find it hard to keep first things first? We know that Jesus should be our first priority as believers, but with so many things fighting for our attention, what was once at the center can start getting crowded out. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Courtney Tracy has not only been there, she faces this struggle every single day. And you know what helped her return to Jesus as first priority? God’s Word! Particularly, the book of Colossians.

In this warm and encouraging devotional, Courtney walks with you through the lessons she learned in her journey through Colossians, and helps you discover the life-changing power of treasuring Jesus above all things. Each day includes a passage to read, a devotional entry to help you reflect, insightful questions to help you respond, and a prayer to help you approach God in confidence. On top of that, this devotional you are given:

  • A beautiful experience and space each day for you to actively reflect on God’s Word, no matter how busy your day is.
  • A 21-day format so that you might build a practical habit of prioritizing your time with Jesus daily.
  • Powerful gospel truths that offer daily encouragement.
  • The help you need to throw off your old identity and walk in the power of your new identity.

Jesus reigns supreme over all things, including our noisy homes and busy schedules. Let’s discover the joy that is ours when we live like that’s true, putting Him first!

Courtney Tracy

the author

Courtney Tracy is a former elementary school teacher turned Christian lifestyle influencer and blogger. She is passionate about Jesus and sharing the hope of the gospel with those around her. She loves the local church and joyfully serves the Lord there by using her teaching and musical gifts in women’s ministry, children’s ministry, and worship ministry. She loves growing in her love for God by studying the Bible, and seeing other women do the same. She is the happy wife to Dakota and mother to their three children, residing in northwestern Minnesota.

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