Theology is a word that tends to collect a lot of dust, and in-depth theological thinking often only comes later in life. But that doesn’t need to be the case! In Thinking About God, Alex Early proves that theology is absolutely fascinating at any age, and who better to engage than kids whose curiosity and wonder are eager to be fed?

Developed from conversations the author shared with his own kids, this unique book equips young readers with the essential doctrines of the faith while consistently emphasizing the relational aspects of our faith with God, self, and others. The accessible Q&A format allows kids to read straight through or jump to any question that intrigues them, such as What is God like? What or who is the Trinity? Why does sin matter so much? Why did Jesus die?

This book creatively and biblically bridges the gap between big, important theological concepts and young minds. . . and it does it in a way that will help a lot of older minds as well! You don’t need to wait for a theme-park trip to see your child’s face light up with awe and wonder. With Thinking About God, young minds can be filled with the truths of Scripture in ways that inspire them and engage them at their level. Your child’s brilliant mind, fantastic imagination, and endless questions are all welcome in the wonderfully safe world of theology.

Alex Early

Alex Early and his wife, Jana, are happy parents to Tovah (“Boo”) and Jude (“Moshi”). Alex is a pastor, author, and lecturer. He’s a trail-running, motorcycle-riding, cardigan-wearing, leadership-developing, tattoo-acquiring, atonement scholar who roots passionately for the Seattle Sounders, tacos, and backyard hangs. Beyond earning two master’s degrees and his doctorate, his greatest accomplishment is winning his elementary school talent show in the fifth grade by doing a stand-up comedy routine. The family dog is a bernedoodle named Dempsey (after the professional soccer player). The Earlys live in Seattle.