Do you desire daily wisdom—the kind of wisdom that can give you peace and comfort, guide your decisions, correct your misunderstandings, and teach you truths that help you mature in your faith? Wisdom for Life is designed to offer exactly that, using the Old Testament books of Psalms and Proverbs.

Easy to fit in any schedule, each of the 100 devotions takes one minute to read. They also offer multiple Scripture references and a bonus “For Further Thought” section so you can dig deeper when you have the time.

Whether you’re a new student of the Bible or a mature believer, enjoy relevant insights for your daily life and grow in your appreciation for the Psalms and Proverbs in Wisdom for Life.

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Gail Burton Purath

the author

Gail Burton Purath is the founder of the Bible Love Notes ministry, an international online ministry reaching hundreds of thousands each month. She has decades of experience leading women’s Bible studies and serving in various ministry positions both in the United States and overseas. Gail has an MA in Leadership for Evangelism and Discipleship from Columbia Biblical Seminary, and she has been married to her best friend Michael for more than fifty years.

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