A Different College Experience testimonial 1


Jan 12th

The four years I spent at a small Christian university in North Carolina were some of the most formative days of my life. They shaped me and changed me, like they do for anyone who experiences college life. So many lessons learned, so many relationships formed, so many mistakes made. In my opinion, A Different College Experience should be required reading for every Christian who feels like college is their next step after high school. But it should be more than required reading, it should be required living. This is a Christ-centered, gospel-oriented book that digs deeper than the typical moral advice of “don’t sleep around” and “find a good Bible study group.” This book gets to the root issue of your identity, what you believe about God, and how your relationship with Him sets the course for the direction your life will go as you enter college. You don’t have to press pause on your faith during this season of your life. Instead, college is the perfect experience to ground yourself in the gospel and learn how to be on mission for the kingdom of God. It’s readable, practical, and doable. I wish this book had been written when I was a college student.

Clayton King, teaching pastor, Newspring Church, founder and president, Crossroads Camps and Missions, and author of

True Love Project and Grounded