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B&H to Launch Christian Standard Bible (CSB) Version in 2017


Jun 21st

B&H to Launch Christian Standard Bible (CSB) Version in 2017
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (June 21, 2016) B&H Publishing Group announced today the completed revision of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). Renamed the Christian Standard Bible® (CSB), the text will be available in a full line of Bibles for readers of all ages, with initial products releasing March 2017. Bibles in the HCSB will continue to be available in its award-winning product lines through 2017.
Print“The Christian Standard Bible incorporates the latest scholarship and linguistic advances, resulting in a highly accurate text for preaching and serious study,” said Bible Publisher Dr. Jeremy Howard. “And the clarity of the CSB’s language will inspire readers to read it, live it and then share it.”
The CSB Translation Oversight Committee, a team of top biblical scholars across the globe, includes scholars from a variety of denominations including Baptist, Presbyterian, Anglican, Lutheran and non-denominational backgrounds. Working directly from the original languages, they also solicited feedback from pastors, seminaries and other conservative denominations. Those responsible for the translation are firmly committed to traditional, conservative principles and the timeless truth of God’s Word.
B&H is encouraging retailers to use the newly launched to learn more and work with their appropriate B&H representative to prepare for the launch. The website includes translation information, HCSB transition plans, merchandising, online tools, and the full product line. An unparalleled marketing campaign for the Christian Standard Bible will support both the Christian Standard Bible translation and a wide variety of CSB titles.
B&H will exhibit at ICRS this week in Cincinnati to share more information with retailers and other partners. “We are encouraged by the mission of getting more people reading and sharing God’s Word in 2017 and beyond,” noted Fred Evans, Sr. Vice President of Sales. “Our team is looking forward to sharing more about our merchandising and promotional plans for the Christian Standard Bible at ICRS and in person throughout the year.”