Capital Campaign Playbook testimonial


May 13th

As the leader of Auxano’s generosity and capital campaign team, Greg is one of the finest consultants I’ve had the privilege to know. He loves Jesus and serves the church as the bride of Christ. His heart for God is paired with a razor-sharp mind and super-savvy people skills. With the book you now hold, Greg has done something unprecedented. Ever since the late 1960s, consultants have preyed on the local church’s lack of specialized knowledge in the areas of fundraising. At no time has one of these consultants dared to deliver the essence of their expertise in written form. Of course books have been penned, but not like this one. This book is a carefully curated treasure chest. Each chapter contains twenty-four-karat wisdom and solid gold nuggets to fill your leadership pockets. Greg has been panning for a long time, sifting through all of the silt and dirt and grit in stream after stream for three decades.

Will Mancini, speaker, author, and founder of Auxano