B&H Academic, a division of Lifeway Christian Resources, is dedicated to providing resources for undergraduate and graduate theological education.

Wordsearch Bible, a division of B&H Academic, is an affordable, easy-to-use Bible software. As the premier Bible software for preachers and teachers, we specialize in flexibility and customization, with over 50 standard free resources, more than 6,000 available volumes for purchase, and choices that include expertly curated packages and thousands of individual titles. Wordsearch 12 is our newest, most advanced desktop software, both for creating sermons and personal study. With new and updated features, delving into God’s Word has never been easier. Get started today for free with Wordsearch Starter!

We are glad to provide review copies for faculty at accredited college or seminaries who may adopt the book for a course, or for blogs/websites that have at least 1,000 pageviews per month. Learn more about requesting faculty review copies or requesting media review copies.