Hearing in Technicolor

by Darcy Wiley, Mark Hearn

Hearing in Technicolor, eBook

by Darcy Wiley, Mark Hearn

Pastor Mark Hearn recounts his firsthand experience of transitioning his church to become multicultural. Nearly 5 years later, through interviews with his congregation, they discuss what it’s like to be a part of an established multicultural church.


In a 2011 State of the City Address, the mayor of pastor and author Mark Hearn's city said there were fifty-seven languages spoken at the local high school.
Hearn left asking himself, How should our church respond?

This question led to a movement that brought First Baptist Duluth to reflecting its surrounding community. This journey was captured in Pastor Hearn’s first book, Technicolor: Inspiring Your Church to Embrace Multicultural Ministry.
Now, nearly five years after Technicolor, members of his congregation discuss the joys, struggles, and triumphs of being a part of a multi-ethnic church- providing a glimpse of the nature of a church that reflects its community.


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