The Amazing Journey

by Susie Poole

The Amazing Journey, eBook

by Susie Poole

An accurate retelling of Christ's death from creation to the cross that helps children learn the meaning of the resurrection.


God’s plan can be a mystery, but in this journey from creation to Christ’s death on the cross, children learn that our Father loves us enough to give us a fresh start. Like the flowers and trees that burst into life in the spring, so too can we rejoice in our new life because Jesus’ sacrifice provided us all with a fresh start. An accurate retelling of Christ’s death created to help ages 4 to 8 understand the overarching meaning of the resurrection.

Includes a two page glossary of key words such as Holy Spirit, Crucify, Miracle, Forgiveness and more. A whole-family resource for reading aloud or reading along with young readers, while also enjoyable for independent readers.

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