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Top podcast host Jamie Ivey set to release first book in January 2018: If You Only Knew


Jul 31st

Top podcast host Jamie Ivey set to release first book in January 2018: If You Only Knew

Nashville, Tenn. (July 31, 2017) – In 2014, Jamie Ivey began a weekly podcast, “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey” out of her home in Austin, Texas. Each week, she invited a girlfriend to chat about “the big things in life, the little things in life, and everything in between.” In just three years, the podcast has been downloaded over eight million times as listeners tuned in to hear Ivey chat with influential guests from around the world.
On January 30, 2018, Ivey will release her first book, If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free (B&H Publishing). In the humorous, authentic style that her podcast listeners know and love, Ivey shares her backstory a story of failure, mistakes, redemption, and ultimately finding freedom in Christ.
“When you look at your own story, maybe all you can see are the goof-ups, the mess-ups, the things you’re afraid of ever bringing up, even the parts that happened this week or this morning or five minutes before you started reading this chapter today,” Ivey writes.
“But if you’d turn your head to look at your story just a little bit differently, you’d see it’s actually the record of a faithful God, willing His unwilling child to return to Him, loving you through all your unloveliness. His pursuit of you is simply unavoidable. And His desire is to set you free by His power to forgive, to put you to great use for Him.”
In addition to hosting “The Happy Hour,” Ivey writes and speaks to women all over the country. She hopes that as women read If You Only Knew, they will join her in owning their stories and becoming vulnerable about their lives, so that “Jesus’ grace and mercy take center-stage.”
B&H is supporting the release of If You Only Knew with a robust marketing campaign, national publicity and advertising, and promotion at “The Happy Hour” live events in Austin. The book will be available for preorder beginning at “The Happy Hour” live event in September until November 1, prior to the holiday season. For more information, visit 
Jamie Ivey believes we are all on this journey of life together and we need each other to get to the end. Through her blog and podcast, ”The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey,” she uses a raw and intimate approach to connect with her audience. Jamie’s prayer and hope is for God to use her words to encourage and show others that they are not alone, while constantly pointing them to Jesus. She is mother to four kids and wife to Aaron. Jamie loves reading, date nights, Mexican food, and traveling the world with her family.