B&H Kids’ favorite devotionals for 2020


Jan 22nd

Here are our top 5 devotional picks to kick the year off right! Hear from some of our readers why they agree!

Babies – Pre-K

My Little Words Devotional

Grow your toddler’s heart with little words from God’s Word! These nineteen little words offer a big way to connect your toddler to the Bible. With each tiny-sized devotion, your little one will better understand words such as Jesus, joy, promise, and prayer and learn to connect them with short Scriptures.

Review: “I have a 10, 3 & 1-year-old and they all love this devotion book. It’s easy to understand for the little ones. My 3-year-old loves reading it every night before bed and my 1-year-old understands what devotion time is and loves to fold his hands in prayer. He listens intently when we are discussing with the 3-year-old. It’s not too boring or babyish for the 10-year-old. Pages are sturdy. Pictures are vibrant and cute. Prayers are short and verses are easy for kids to understand and remember.” – McCune Family (Amazon reviewer)


Epic Devotions: 52 Weeks in the Story that Changed the World

Epic Devotions: 52 Weeks in the Story that Changed the World is a graphic novel-inspired weekly devotional based on Epic: The Story that Changed the World. Each insightful devotion circles back to the one big story of Jesus and makes biblical events more relevant for today’s youth!

Review: “From the cover, I had high hopes for this one, but as soon as it arrived, I knew I had made a great choice! I have a brother and a sister both around middle-grade age, and have been looking for some good biblical tools to help them better understand the Bible and what they learn at church. This is perfect!” – Stephanie (Goodreads reviewer)


Wonderful: The Truth About Who I Am

If you asked a group of kids to describe themselves, how would they reply? Probably with their names, ages, or favorite sports—who they are on the outside. But what about who they are on the inside? Do they know they are unique, made new, and loved children of God?

This book for middle-grade readers focuses their identity right back where it belongs: on their hearts and souls and minds, reflecting the glory of the One who made them. Featuring fun full-color illustrations, each short essay and activity will help kids discover their worth in God and learn that their true identity is nothing short of wonderful.

Review: “My great-niece is entering the 5th grade this year. Even though she is confident, this book, along with the Scriptures, will add to that confidence in knowing who she is and whose she is! Thank you! I encourage parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts to purchase this book and read with our precious ones!!!” – Lorna (Amazon reviewer)


Teen to Teen: 365 Daily Devotions by Teen Girls for Teen Girls and Teen to Teen: 365 Daily Devotions by Teen Guys for Teen Guys

Written expressly for teens by teens, these unique 365-day devotionals are filled with personal experiences that are relatable and heartfelt. In addition to learning teen to teen how to deal with difficult issues and maneuver the often trying path to adulthood, each devotion leads teens to move into a deeper relationship with Christ as they recognize that He is the answer to life’s problems and strife. Through the stories of others, teens see how God works in our lives when we open ourselves to Him.

“WOW. I’ve never read a devotional that was written by girls my age!! All of them really made me stop and think about if I was living my life the way God wants me to. I HIGHLY recommend it, it’s a great read!!!”  Sara (Goodreads reviewer)

“This book of devotions is perfectly suited for young guys. In fact, I will be using it in my church’s Wednesday night class for boys, as the topics are both simple and effective.”-Chris (Goodreads reviewer)

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