Disciple Her testimonial 2

Andy Whisenant | Jan 12th

While the Western church today is resource-rich and fat with Bible knowledge, too often that knowledge doesn’t make its way into our lives. For all our knowledge, the truth is, our lives don’t look all that different. My concern for the church is that we are becoming mere consumers of the Word instead of disciples whose lives are defined and directed by the Scriptures. Discipleship is the work of all believers—the catalyst for the church’s growth into spiritual maturity so that we won’t be “immature like children. . . tossed and blown about by every wind of new teaching . . .trick[ed] with lies so clever they sound like the truth” (Eph. 4:14). This means that each of us must take the call to make disciples seriously. Kandi’s book is a call to biblical discipleship. She shows that discipleship doesn’t just happen by accident; we must be intentional. And “we” doesn’t just mean a church program or the church staff or the “most spiritual” among us. It means all of us. Discipleship is the work that every Christian is called to do. Yet so many women are intimidated and  aren’t even sure how to start. This book demystifies discipleship and empowers women by providing concrete and practical tools they can implement. I highly recommend Disciple Her as a resource!

Chrystie Cole, women’s discipleship advisor at Grace Church in Greenville, South Carolina, and author of Grace Church’s Ezer discipleship studies, Biblical Femininity, Redeeming Sexuality, Body Matters, and A Woman’s Words