Mary’s Treasure Box

by Bruno Merz, C.E. Walz

Mary's Treasure Box

by Bruno Merz, C.E. Walz

Mary’s Treasure Box is a touching story that takes place on a quiet night several years after the death of Jesus, as Mary shares memories from her treasure box with her granddaughter Sarah. Among the items are straw from the manger, wool from the shepherds and the gifts of the Magi, gold, frankincense and myrrh.


Every mother has special memories, but Mary’s memories are like no other.
Doesn’t every mother have a box filled with treasured mementos and trinkets? If sweet memories aren’t hidden in a closet or an attic, perhaps they are tucked away in a corner of her heart. But Mary’s treasure box is unlike any other. She has filled it with bits of straw from a manger, a little gold from the Magi, and other dear reminders of one silent night in a Bethlehem stable. Now, decades later, Mary opens her treasure box once again and shares her most cherished memories with her granddaughter, Hannah. Join them as they revisit the simple splendor of the Nativity story.

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