• Reconsidera tu identidad

Reconsidera tu identidad

El poder mirar hacia arriba antes de mirar hacia adentro
Trevin Wax

Sigue tu corazón. Sé tú mismo. Eres suficiente. Muchas veces damos por sentado estos lemas, pero ¿qué si este camino a la felicidad personal conduce hacia un callejón sin salida? En Reconsidera tu identidad, Trevin Wax te anima a reconsiderar algunas de las presuposiciones más comunes de la sociedad sobre la identidad y el camino a la felicidad. La mayoría de las personas definen su identidad y propósito primeramente al ver hacia adentro (a sus deseos), después ver a su alrededor (para expresar su unicidad) y por último, tal vez, ver hacia arriba (para añadir una dimensión espiritual a la vida). Renueva tu identidad propone un enfoque contrario al sentido común: ver hacia arriba antes de ver hacia adentro. Cuando vemos hacia arriba y entendemos para qué fuimos creados, descubrimos nuestro propósito verdadero y nos convertimos en nuestro verdadero ser.

Follow your heart. You do you. You are enough. We take these slogans for granted, but what if this path to personal happiness leads to a dead-end? In Rethink Your Self, Trevin Wax encourages you to rethink some of our society’s most common assumptions about identity and the road to happiness. Most people define their identity and purpose by first looking in (to their desires), then looking around (to express their uniqueness), and finally—maybe—looking up (to add a spiritual dimension to life). Rethink Your Self proposes a counter-intuitive approach: looking up before looking in. It's only when we look up to learn who we were created to be that we discover our true purpose and become our truest selves.

about the author

Trevin Wax is senior vice president of Theology and Communications at Lifeway Christian Resources and a visiting professor at Wheaton College. A former missionary to Romania, Trevin hosts a blog at The Gospel Coalition and regularly contributes to The Washington PostReligion News Service, World, and Christianity Today, which named him one of thirty-three millennials shaping the next generation of evangelicals. As former director of Bible Publishing at Lifeway, he led the launch of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) and served as general editor of the CSB Worldview Study Bible. Currently he is the general editor of The Gospel Project, and an author of many books, including This Is Our Time, Eschatological Discipleship, Gospel Centered Teaching, and Rethink Your Self. He and his wife Corina have three children and live outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

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