• Shadow Christians

Shadow Christians

Making an Impact When No One Knows Your Name

Are you a shadow Christian?

Shadow Christians are people who work in the margins, in the shadows created by the spotlight shining on others. We often think they—we—are insignificant. But here’s the good news: God chooses and uses shadow Christians.

There are some names in the Bible that everyone knows: Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Mary, Peter, Paul. But the Bible is also full of stories with unnamed characters. People who made a difference not in the spotlight, but in the shadows.

If you’re a shadow Christian, you matter to God, and he wants to use you to make a difference.

about the author

Jeff Iorg is president of Gateway Seminary, a learning network with five campuses and a robust distance learning program. He speaks frequently on leadership and pastoral ministry issues in conferences and classroom settings. Iorg maintains a leadership website at, is featured on the Lead On! podcast, and has written or edited several other books. He and his wife, Ann, live in Ontario, California.

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