Younique Author Q&A


Jan 8th

  • As a clarity and vision consultant for the church,  I fell in love with designing powerful tools and facilitation practices that bring break-thru to teams. While building the Auxano team I began to tinker with tools for the individual’s clarity. In 2012 I started speaking about special calling and personal vision. In 2014 I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to create a gospel-centered life design process. The book represents the overview of that journey that now over 2,500 people have experienced.

  • The primary message of the book is that every believer has a special assignment from God, but most don’t really understand it. The book reveals how to know it, name it and apply it every day of your life.  I wrote the book for a follower of Jesus at any age and life stage. While the tools work for all human functioning in general, the book is unapologetically built on Scripture and the biblical truth of Ephesians 2:10.

    In our busy, chaotic lives, what tips do you have for readers on slowing down and realizing their divine design? 

    The first point is to remember that God had a dream over your life when you were born. The most important break-thrus in the intangible areas of our lives— understanding God’s dream for you, life calling, or goal setting, etc.—all require margin. Where there is no margin there is no imagination. 

    The most important tip is to simply calendar-block. That is, plan time to reflect and process and plan all of the other time of your life. NOTE: Some people are natural planners and others are not. Believe it or not I am not a natural planner. But calendar-blocking and scheduling time to reflect is for everyone. 

    When God created day and night, he built calendar-blocking into the universe for our physical life replenishment, because most people sleep every night. He did the same when he established the Sabbath. 

    There is almost never an obstacle to plugging time into your calendar for planned reflection. Start by  setting aside at least 15 minutes once a week and at least 2 hours once a quarter and at least 1 day every year for planned reflection. A little calendar-blocking on a regular basis goes a long way.

  • Most believers with the best intentions will spend their lives being what people pay them to be or imitating the success of others. Add in the speed of life, and years go by in a flash without taking any time for processed reflection. Precision in self awareness is rare. As a result, believers don’t even come close to maximizing the unique ultimate contribution that each person was created to make.

    What are your hopes for this book and how readers are transformed by it? 

    I hope that people dream again and do something about it. I hope people get excited about the fact that when they grow to be more like Jesus, they also become more like the original version of themselves that God designed them to be. I hope that people experience a new level of confidence, freedom and energy living from a crystal-clear sense of personal calling.

  • My singular aspiration is that people act on the process outlined in the book and spend time developing their personal Vision Frame. When they do they will have five questions clearly answered: What I am on earth to do? Why do I do it? How do I do it?  When am I successful? Where is God taking me next?