You’re More Than a Sprout

by Jill Lord, Sarah Demonteverde

You're More Than a Sprout

by Jill Lord, Sarah Demonteverde

This rich story follows the journey of the bamboo sprout from the sky to the soil and up again, as he faces disappointments and impatience and finally learns that the Master has been doing wonderful work in His life all along.


What if you grow to be more than you ever imagined?
Little Bamboo Seed happily floats through the sky, dreaming of his exciting new life. But suddenly—slam! He finds himself buried in the dirt, lonely and forgotten. As he grows into a sprout and beyond, Bamboo must learn that the Master has bigger plans for him than he could ever imagine.
This rollicking story takes us from the sky, underground, and up again, reminding readers that through our up-and-down seasons of growing and waiting, God is always working wonders.

A perfect gift for growing readers in the middle of life's transitions—from new homes to graduations and everything in between.

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