Mission-Ready Marriage

by Ashley Ashcraft

Mission-Ready Marriage

by Ashley Ashcraft

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Military marriage comes with a unique set of challenges, and in this book, Ashley Ashcraft guides women through these through the lens of her lived experience.

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What if there was a way to enjoy marriage amid the unrelenting trials of life as a military spouse?

Through multiple combat deployments, unexpected reintegration problems, frequent solo parenting, the post-traumatic effects of war, and twelve moves, Ashley realized she needed a plan to survive military life. Exhausted from living with a resentment-filled heart, she laid down her futile efforts to control this unpredictable lifestyle and decided to try something new—modeling Jesus in her marriage. Even though the demands of the military continued to increase, by daily surrendering her life to God and embracing His plans, Ashley finally learned to find purpose and contentment as a military wife.

In Mission-Ready Marriage, Ashley allows you to peer into her service-induced marriage challenges and shares the secrets that brought her healing and joy. Applying God’s truths to all areas of military marriage, Ashley helps spouses, from brand new to seasoned, unearth hope in this arduous journey. To equip you fully, each chapter includes a detailed list of essential resources, next steps, prayers, and reflection questions. Most important, you’ll discover Jesus in this book. Through a relationship with Him, may you find transformation in your military marriage beyond anything you can imagine.

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