• Bible Promises for Teens

Bible Promises for Teens

Based on a successful vintage B&H title, this expanded refresh of Bible Promises for Teens offers a unique collection of Bible verses, chosen and arranged to show teens how God speaks into their everyday lives.

Simple but powerful, this tool helps teens learn the relevance of Scripture. Verses are taken from throughout the Bible, offering such reminders as:

  • You’re promised real freedom.
  • You’re promised the victory of truth.
  • You’re promised that God will lead you.

With a modern yet compact design, Bible Promises for Teens is an affordable, giftable, and accessible way to share God’s Word and promises with any teen in your life.

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B&H Kids creates Bible-centered, engaging content for kids. From board books to Bibles, our resources are designed to help kids develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus and to empower parents to guide their child’s spiritual growth.

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  • season: Summer 2021
  • publish date: 05/11/2021
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