• Send Out Your Light

Send Out Your Light

The Illuminating Power of Scripture and Song

In the middle of Psalm 43, God offers us a dynamic invitation: Send out your light.Prolific singer-songwriter Sandra McCracken believes we each have the opportunity to hear and answer this invitation.

This book is written in three parts: part one is the becoming, the creation, how God makes us and gives us an identity. Part two is the disorientation of loss, displacement, and the dark night of the soul. Part three is reorientation, how God brings us through the darkness and illuminates our path with Scripture, sending us out to take his light to others.

This has been the shape of Sandra McCracken’s life. Through it all, songs and Scripture have been there to light the way, helping her respond to God’s call.

How will you respond to God’s call to send out his light?

about the author

Sandra McCracken is a prolific a songwriter, modern-day hymn writer, and record producer. She is a dynamic performer whose captivating, soulful sound invites audiences to sing along, and moves listeners at the deepest levels. Many of her songs, like “We Will Feast In The House Of Zion” and “Thy Mercy My God,” have settled into regular rotation in Christian worship services internationally, and she has also written songs recorded by All Sons And Daughters, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Audrey Assad, A Rocha Compilation, Bifrost Arts, Caedmon’s Call and others. Sandra a founding member of Indelible Grace Music and Rain For Roots (children’s music) and has been a guest writer for Art House America, She Reads Truth, The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, RELEVANT Magazine and more.

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  • publish date: 09/28/2021
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what are people saying

  • Send Out Your Light reads like a sound track, spotlighting God’s illumination through Sandra’s story and songs. It’s a hopeful invitation to see the light God has given each of us, and a timely call to send that light back out.

    Ian Morgan Cron, bestselling author of The Road Back to You

  • Sandra’s songs have always felt like a balm for my soul and a shelter in the storm. Now she’s written a book that sings with story, Scripture, and the kind of raw authenticity that beckons you to come as you are into the light of Christ, and warm your hands by the embers of His love. You’re holding a lantern, my friend. Enjoy the journey.

    Ellie Holcomb, Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter and author

  • Digging deeper into Sandra’s own songwriting and personal story, Send Out Your Light reads like a conversation with a friend. Through Scripture and lyrics, she offers up an authentic picture of gospel hope through songs, stories, and personal reflections.

    Drew Holcomb, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors

  • Sandra McCracken’s voice and words have been a companion to my faith for nearly twenty years. Honest, searching, at times lamenting, but always hopeful, she has resisted the temptation of much of Christian art to fall into sentimentality and clichés. In Send Out Your Light, she invites us more deeply into her songs and into her life. In reading along, we see how immersing our lives in the words of the Scriptures can birth a spiritually alive imagination, more able to love God, love others, and see him alive and at work in holy moments that appear subtly but regularly in our lives.

    Mike Cosper, author and director of Podcasts at Christianity Today

  • Sandra’s music has been a transformational sound track for the good/hard seasons of our lives. Her lyrics are a prayer for weary souls; her melodies a salve for broken hearts. This book poignantly pulls back the curtain on Sandra’s own good/hard story and artistic process, reminding us the most personal journeys toward the light are in fact the most universal.

    Katherine and Jay Wolf, cofounders and authors of Hope Heals and Suffer Strong

  • Send Out Your Light is filled with enthralling stories, glorious and insightful reflections on the Lord’s grace and love, and invitations to stop, rest, and reflect. It was like a breath of fresh air. Be ready to be refreshed, inspired, and reminded of God’s unending love.

    Trillia Newbell, author of A Great Cloud of Witnesses, Sacred Endurance, and If God Is for Us

  • Part memoir, part midrash, Sandra McCracken’s beautiful book is a testament to the faithfulness of God, rooted in the sounds and stories of the psalms, and a reminder that, no matter how broken or inadequate we may feel, we are all by grace living epistles of Christ, emblems of God’s steadfast love. This is a hopeful book—and one that many of us desperately need!

    W. David O. Taylor is associate professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary and the author of Open and Unafraid: The Psalms as a Guide to Life

  • Send Out Your Light is wise, engaging, and nourishing—just like a conversation with Sandra over tea. Not surprisingly, her writing voice is as beautiful as the poetry of her songs, inviting us into the honest stories of her life. Scripture is laced throughout the narrative as naturally as it weaves through her days. With hands held open to God, we receive grace from what Sandra has received—beauty, gentleness, strength, and hope. As Sandra’s life is a gift, so is this rich and satisfying book.

    Andi Ashworth, author and cofounder of Art House America and Charlie Peacock, music producer and cofounder of Art House America

  • There are many books I nibble, content with only a taste, while others awaken a voracious soul hunger. I read Sandra McCracken’s Send Out Your Light with highlighter in hand, inhaling gospel hope with every mouthful, eager to exhale it to others. Her words are lyrical and redemptive, refracting eternal light through temporal tears, guiding the reader to the Author of life.

    Maggie Wallem Rowe, author of This Life We Share: 52 Reflections on Journeying Well with God and Others

  • This is a book of hard-won wisdom and achingly lovely prose that provides much to ponder. Sandra’s courage is such an inspiration, and she writes beautifully from a grace-softened heart that invites us to drink deeply from the same well.

    Kevin Twit, Reformed University Fellowship pastor and founder of Indelible Grace

  • In the frenetic chaos of our lives, we experience a sort of numbing that slowly strips meaning from our day-to-day. Sandra’s potent retelling of her own story inspires us to slow down and be attentive to the beautiful arc of a hope-filled narrative distinctively discerned through Scripture and song.

    David H. Kim and Amilee Watkins, cofounders of Goldenwood

  • Sandra has given us a truly illuminating book. Like a rich conversation at a mountain cabin or around a breakfast table, Sandra’s catalog of music, old hymns and the Psalms, shed light on all things called “life.” She is that trusted voice you would want in whatever the season you are in, she is sharing the light of hope. I believe I will return to these pages over and over again, culling wisdom of a transfigured friend.

    Don Pape, curator, Pape Commons