365 Talks with Jesus

by Amy Parker, Sally Garland

365 Talks with Jesus

by Amy Parker, Sally Garland

These 365 short prayers, with repeatable lines for preschoolers, offer a sweet time for a parent and child to share a daily talk with Jesus.


Share the best talk your child has all day.

Our little ones learn so much each day; let’s make sure prayer is the best part! In 365 Talks with Jesus, you’ll find preschool-level prayers to share with your child and teach them how and why to share their thoughts and praises with God.

The prayers can be read at any time of day, and you’ll find helpful sections for your child’s different needs and emotions, such as “When I am happy,” “When I am afraid,” and “When I have to do hard things.” Each short prayer can be read aloud by the parent and includes a quick, bold line for the child to repeat before saying amen.

Not only will children practice listening and repeating, but these 365 prayers will help them develop the simple habit of talking with Jesus each day of the year. Spend a few precious minutes praying with your little one, and let it become your favorite talk of the day.

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