A Short Guide to Groups

by Jared Musgrove, Justin Elafros

A Short Guide to Groups

by Jared Musgrove, Justin Elafros

Hardcover, Printed
Leading small groups is art, and Jared Musgrove and Justin Elafros have decades of combined experience in leading groups well at The Village Church. This practical, approachable guide will train leaders to lead groups well.


People were designed for community. We long to know and be known by others, and local churches can meet that need by gathering people together in groups.

In a world facing a loneliness epidemic and praising radical individualism, Christians are siloed as they experience anxiety, depression, disease, infertility, divorce, and other tragedies. Groups ministries are vital to local churches fighting the notion that we can face this life alone.

Small groups, discipleship groups, community groups, life groups––there's no one-size-fits-all formula for your church's groups ministry. A Short Guide to Groups is an accessible resource for your church to evaluate or start a groups ministry. With practical tips to consider, authors Jared Musgrove and Justin Elafros explain that while every ministry and group is different, there are several principles leaders can remember:

  • Groups exist for community with God and other people.
  • There is no lasting transformation in anyone without another person or group of people.
  • The more relational your church is, the more transformational your church will become.
  • Each person in every group is a gift from God to the others in that group.
  • Where groups go, the church will follow.
  • Where the church goes, groups will follow.

The New Testament is clear that people are called to do life together; in fact, the call to love one another can be found sixty-six times. A Short Guide to Groups can help pastors and ministry leaders guide their people away from the loneliness epidemic and toward radical togetherness instead.

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