A Short Guide to Islam

by Elizabeth Peltola

A Short Guide to Islam

by Elizabeth Peltola

Hardcover, Printed
This biblical response to Islam instructs Christians in the primary tenets of the faith of our Muslim neighbors so that we might understand and love them well.
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How can we love and understand our Islamic neighbors well?

Beth Peltola grew up in Southern Africa, and then moved to London to begin her career in missions serving a Turkish-speaking church for refugees and immigrants. She has spent her life training Christians in the tenets of Islam and Christian mission to Muslims. This accessible book will help Christians understand the beliefs of their Muslim neighbors so that they may love them and engage them in gospel conversations.

In this biblical response to Islam, you will learn:

  • The primary tenets of the Islamic faith
  • The common misunderstandings Westerners hold about Islam
  • How Christians can best respond and engage their Muslim neighbors

The world has moved into our neighborhoods. We have a great opportunity to love our Muslim neighbors like Jesus does.

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