A Short Guide to Women’s Ministry

by Nora Allison

A Short Guide to Women's Ministry

by Nora Allison

Hardcover, Printed
Experienced women’s ministry director provides an accessible and all-encompassing guide to building a thriving women’s ministry for both seasoned and new leaders.
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How do we help women at every stage of life and spiritual maturity grow to know God, be changed by him, and develop and use their talents and gifts?
In too many of our Christian contexts, leadership training and ministry opportunities for women are inadequate or totally absent. This short guide puts foundational principles and practical plans—grounded in biblical truth—at your fingertips so, whether you’re in a leadership role at your church or hoping to impact a few friends or neighbors, you will discover insights, wisdom, and impactful “how-to’s” to lead women.
Within A Short Guide to Women’s Ministry, you will find:

  • how to choose, train, and keep volunteers
  • how to train theologically grounded teachers
  • how to plan the women’s ministry calendar
  • how to equip women to read their Bibles well
  • how to equip women to grow in their relationship with God and with one another

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