by Kyle Beshears


by Kyle Beshears

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In Apatheism, Kyle Beshears explains that “apatheism”, driven by secularism, comfort, and distraction, is an apathy toward God that affects us holistically. More than merely defining the problem, however, this book points towards a solution – urging readers to recapture the joy of their salvation in order to faithfully demonstrate the love of Christ to their apatheist friends and neighbors.


How can you share the gospel with someone who doesn’t care? As Western culture becomes increasingly indifferent to questions of faith, diverted by secularism, comfort, and distraction, believers encounter many people who don’t so much doubt God as they are apathetic toward him. In Apatheism, Kyle Beshears urges us to recapture the joy of our salvation and demonstrates how to faithfully display the love of Christ to apatheist friends and neighbors.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Approaching Apatheism
1. Cultural Conditions of Apatheism
2. Our Comfortable, Distracted Lives
3. Exploring Apatheism in Detail

Part 2: Engaging Apatheism
4. Recapturing a Joyful Witness
5. The Paradox of Joy
6. How We Share When They Don’t Care
7. Engaging Apatheism in Conversation
8. Go, Therefore, to the Apathetic

Appendix: Suggested Readings on Apologetics

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