Birds of the Air

Birds of the Air

A whimsical tale based on a Bible story, Birds of the Air reminds young readers that God chooses the least among us for His great purposes.


Set against the backdrop of Jesus’ baptism, Birds of the Air is a fictional tale about where true value lies.

At the start of the story, several birds hear that God’s Spirit will descend on Jesus in the form of a bird, but no one knows which bird. Immediately, they begin to compare themselves, boasting about why each should be God’s symbol—the peacock for his beauty, the eagle for his strength, and the parrot for his smarts. But the dove, the least impressive bird of all, has more in common with Jesus than the other birds realize.

Told in thoughtful prose with a fable-like quality, Birds of the Air will capture the imaginations of children, ages 4-8, while highlighting that God sees the hidden value in each of us and chooses the least likely among us for His great purposes.

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