by David Allen, Steve Lemke


by David Allen, Steve Lemke

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In Calvinism: A Biblical and Theological Critique, editors David Allen and Steven Lemke lead a team of top-notch scholars in carefully critiquing five-point Calvinism. Sections are devoted to its core commitments, historical issues, biblical and theological issues, and ministry issues, providing a wide-ranging assessment of Calvinism’s foundations and implications.


Calvinism raises serious concerns about the growth of a popularized Reformed theology.

Through a wide lens of denominational and theological perspectives, this volume carefully examines the theological tradition known today as "Calvinism," particularly its doctrine of salvation. Editors David L. Allen and Steve W. Lemke lead a team of top contributors offering theological, historical, biblical, and practical critiques.

Table of Contents

SECTION ONE: A Biblical and Theological Critique of the Soteriology of Five-Point Calvinism

1. A Critique of Total Depravity by Adam Harwood

2. A Critique of Unconditional Election by Leighton Flowers

3. A Critique of Limited Atonement by David L. Allen

4. Is God’s Grace Irresistible? A Critique of Irresistible Grace by Steve Lemke

5. A Critique of Perseverance of the Saints by Ken Keathley

SECTION TWO: Historical Issues with Calvinism

6. Calvinism Is Augustinianism by Kenneth Wilson

7. Dissent from Calvinism in the Baptist Tradition by J. Matthew Pinson

8. A Wesleyan Critique of Calvinism by Ben Witherington III

SECTION THREE: Crucial Theological, Biblical, and Ecclesiological Issues with Calvinism

9. Romans 9 and Calvinism by Brian J. Abasciano

10. Corporate and Personal Election by William W. Klein

11. The Character of God in Calvinism by Roger E. Olson

12. Determinism and Human Freedom by John Laing

13. Evil and God’s Sovereignty by Bruce A. Little

14. The Public Invitation and Altar Call by Mark Tolbert

Epilogue: Calvinists and Non-Calvinists Together for the Gospel by Trevin Wax

Appendix: Semi-Pelagianism: The Theological Catchall


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